What we do: 

TechBridge is an Internationalization Acceleration Program that focuses on curating the best technology firms from emerging markets and brings their products and services to the United States and it's global network of soft landing spaces. 

TechBridge assists well established technology firms from the Unites States with market entry into emerging markets and developing economies.

TechBridge also teaches best practices to governmental trade and investment promotion agencies to assist in the growth and creation of self-sustaining technology ecosystem within a city, region, or nation.

Deep Dive for Tech Firms:

​The TechBridge Internationalization Project is fully immersion, highly intensive, and focused on providing tech firms from emerging markets with proven products the tools and skills they need for global internationalization including:

  • ​Comprehensive Market Entry Plan Creation
  • One-on-One Mentor Matching/Meetings 
  • U.S. and Emerging Market Entry Plan Creation
  • Pitch Presentation Creation for Clients, Partners, and Investors
  • TechBridge Demo Day Pitch to US Tech Community  
  • "Soft Landing" Work Spaces at Tech Incubators in Chicago, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, and Mexico City 

Teaching Governmental Trade and Promotion Agencies around the Globe the Blueprint for Technology Ecosystem Creation: 

TechBridge has an elite team of technologists, growth hackers, investors and serial entrepreneurs who use their collective Macroeconomic knowledge and experience to design a strategy for the creation of a self-sustaining technology ecosystem.This is accomplished using the proven blueprint of 10 years of experience building the Chicago technology community from nascent to a globally recognized leader in innovative tech

About Us:

The Program: 

Internationalization Experts helping your FIRM Optimize and reach new markets

Our Mission:

Curate and Accelerate the Worlds Best Tech Firms 

Around the world people are consuming technology products in a uniform fashion. At TechBridge our goal is to capitalize on this reality and to move firms, ideas, and innovators around the globe through cross-pollination and the teaching of scalable technology firm best practices. 

Techbridge provides business development and acceleration services to firms with significant traction in their respective technology ecosystems in addition to well qualified startups. Through their robust and proven methodology they prepare these firms for profitable entry into the United States and market entry into other natural international markets for their products and services.


Teach Best Practices & Transmit Knowledge to Tech Firms, Trade Agencies and Tech Organizations in Emerging Economies 

TechBridge works with leading Think Tanks and Trade and Investment Promotion Agencies at the City, State, Region and National  to accelerate their best technology firms and transmit the formula for the creation of a fully sustainable technology ecosystem 


Create a Global Network of Tech Leaders, Investors, and Incubators/Accelerators 

Globalization is just getting started. We look for the highest quality tech firms in Emerging Economies/Developing Markets and assist them with new market entry through cross-pollination, growth capital and exits and acquisitions